This spring Chase has a beautiful date with you

Datong rural tourism is a fresh and elegant picture, embodies the wonderful idea of nature and the creator, and builders make painstaking efforts. This picture is Datong papers vast rural pastoral beauty, calligraphy is the ecological resources, cultural relics, folk customs, agriculture and animal husbandry, the theme is to enrich the people Xing county village.

in recent years, Datong County implement the provincial government construction plateau tourism province strategic deployment, actively play the regional advantages, to city residents as the target market, vigorously develop rural tourism, not only enrich the content of tourism, but also to expand the field of tourism, has played a positive role in promoting the agricultural structure adjustment, the construction of a new socialist rural areas.

government boot:

agriculture and tourism

in addition to the city tourists, in recent years, some from Gansu, Shaanxi and other places of the provinces have begun to gradually go to the countryside to enjoy the intimate contact with the joy of the chase.

"we have a unique geographical advantage, to provide a favorable protection for the development of tourism, but in order to make the tourism industry bigger and stronger, we must have a clear positioning of the different." Datong County Tourism Bureau official said, according to the geographical environment and the human environment, Datong County, agriculture and tourism, marriage, and strive to build rural tourism, enhance the visibility and reputation of rural tourism in Datong county.

county Party committee and government take the development of rural tourism as an important measure to adjust the rural economic structure, to achieve the development of agriculture and animal husbandry, and to increase the income of farmers and herdsmen. The establishment of the county magistrate for the head, deputy mayor and deputy head of the leading group, finance, development and reform, transportation, health, agriculture and other relevant departments as members of the tourism development, formulated the "on further accelerate the development of tourism.". The establishment of Tourism Development Fund for the farmers loan discount and promotion. The establishment of the county tourism target responsibility system, the goal of tourism development tasks included in the township departments annual target assessment content included in the target year to do the unified assessment, clear responsibilities and tasks of various departments and township of tourism, formed a new pattern of government led, joint departments and the whole society to participate in tourism development the. For rural tourism households start funding shortage, the difficulty of loans and other practical difficulties, the county Party committee and county government introduced a loan discount policy, increase support for business users. The county government tourism development loan interest policy support, the construction of Qingshan Tu style park, Longquan Mountain Villa, Mountain Resort, Kangle hills kite ditch and five-star tourist village farmers, guide and support the bridge, Dong Xia, Huang Jia Zhai, Shuocheng north area run farmhouse.

scientific planning: eat and eat a lot of

"to pick here, not only can take a breath of fresh air in the countryside, but also can taste a farmhouse meal, do not go out to enjoy the fun of travel!" Is busy picking up the field;

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