The third National Fitness Day People’s park nearly 300 people walking around the lake

August 8th is China’s third national fitness day. This morning, walking health organized by the city forestry bureau ", promoting action of low carbon workers trekking activities started in the people’s Park, many people respond positively to their garden, and more than 200 garden workers together, walking around the lake.

garden department held the walking activities the purpose is to use the Park leisure fitness facilities, to attract the general public to participate in fitness activities, fitness and enjoy fun, feel the charm of fitness.

now with the increasing pace of people’s lives, for everyone to exercise less and less time. In this case, one of the most close to the people living in a fitness way of walking, attention and welcome. Many people seize the time to go home from work, to give up the means of transport, the choice of walking exercise. Ms. Jiang 40 year old beauty salon manager will take the initiative to join the walking in the crowd, she told reporters that due to busy work, seldom exercise, although the cause of improvement, but the body is feeling more and more poor, often feel fatigue, lack of energy, although has been through the physical exercise, but often do not have the time it is difficult to adhere to. Today, with people like this walk, feel the physical and mental pleasure, walking fitness movement is not large, but can improve the body’s sub health problems, it is suitable for employees like me to participate." Ms. Jiang said.


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