Xining Railway Station hub 20 days to sign the agreement to remove the relocation of households, 500

Recently, the Xining Railway Station project rhyme ieguchi west area only 20 days (July 10th -30) there are more than and 500 households and the demolition resettlement office signed the relocation agreement, the fastest pace since the demolition work station to carry out the train.

Xining Railway Station hub project rhyme ieguchi west area of resettlement work has been completed 800 assessments before the end of June. From July 8th the Xining Railway Station hub project rhyme ieguchi resettlement demolition agreement "signed, the demolition of the staff to give up holidays and weekends, every in-depth Street home, the basic laws and policies of patience and detailed explanation of the demolition, demolition will be according to relevant policies in this area are posted, correctly treat the legitimate demands of the masses actively coordinate, help street to solve the existing problems and difficulties, do not immediately resolve the policy interpretation, a reply to the street…… The above work has won widespread understanding and support, the majority of households in the demolition work by the end of July 31st, the area has signed the "demolition agreement" of 542, contracted area of 243 thousand square meters, accounting for 817 of the total number of households in 66.3%, accounting for 74% of the total area of the demolition. Demolition work is progressing smoothly. In addition, since July, the area of a total of seven illegal structures were removed in a timely manner. (author: Jia Quanjun)


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