Xining linkage early prevention and control of demolition site dust

weather gradually warming, the provincial capital of the demolition site open (complex) workers soon. In order to further strengthen the demolition site dust pollution control work in Xining this year, the establishment of a sound long-term management mechanism of housing demolition site dust pollution control work, effectively control the demolition site dust, February 25th, Xining District of Xining city housing security and Property Management Bureau of construction administrative department, held the 2014 demolition dust pollution prevention and control conference site, ahead of plan, early action, urban linkage arrangements this year demolition site dust control work.

According to

this year of housing demolition site dust pollution control work plan, before March 10th this year, the construction administrative department of each district should be within the jurisdiction of the demolition site a comprehensive investigation, focus on examination of wet work, enclosure set, building garbage, coverage and demolition site dust sprinkler etc., does not meet the standard of prevention and control of the site that will not be allowed to open (complex). At the same time, this year the real estate sector and district construction sector will also rely on Xining city grid environment monitoring system, building demolition site grid supervision mode, give full play to the grid regulatory role, comprehensive supervision of the demolition site dust pollution control work.

from this year, the city of Xining will be strictly implemented for the demolition of the city’s record filing system, the demolition site must be the first instance of the district construction sector and the Xining real estate sector review and review, qualified to start. At the same time, to further increase the supervision and inspection of the demolition site of the District, the demolition of the site for the removal of the record formalities are not shut down. Ineffective measures against dust, rectification is not in place of the demolition site, in addition to shutdown rectification, but also to be punished in accordance with the relevant provisions. The housing management department also requires the demolition contract to the construction unit must have a corresponding level of quality, housing demolition must adopt mechanical removal, it is strictly prohibited to offset residual building demolition costs, is strictly prohibited in the on-site sale of construction waste.

in addition, this year Xining City real estate bureau and the district construction sector also will implement the demolition site weekly system, dynamic system, the joint meeting of the joint inspection system and other measures, and the district environmental protection departments, District Street office to further strengthen communication, close cooperation, the formation of the demolition site dust pollution supervision efforts, to ensure that the dust control implement dust pollution control effectiveness.


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