The Belt and Road accelerate the development and opening of Xining

national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of foreign affairs, the Ministry of Commerce authorized by the State Council, 28 jointly issued to promote the construction of the Silk Road Economic Zone and Maritime Silk Road in twenty-first Century vision and action. The vision and action from the background, construction principles, framework, key areas of cooperation, cooperation mechanism and other aspects of the "The Belt and Road" idea and connotation, direction and tasks proposed to build a Belt and Road Initiative "reporter, 20" dry cargo find out".
why put forward "The Belt and Road"?

[China] the depth of integration into the world economy and the world economy, China highly correlated. China will continue to adhere to the basic state policy of opening to the outside world, to build a new pattern of all-round opening up, the depth of integration into the world economic system. What is

"The Belt and Road"?

["The Belt and Road" direction of cooperation] Silk Road Economic Belt key Chinese unimpeded through Central Asia, Russia and Europe (Baltic); China via central Asia, Western Asia to the Persian Gulf and the Mediterranean; Chinese to Southeast Asia, South Asia, India ocean. In twenty-first Century, the main direction of the maritime silk road was from the Chinese coastal ports to the India sea from the South China Sea to europe. The international big channel based on

[international channels and build economic corridor] land, together to create a new Eurasian Continental Bridge, Mongolia and Russia, Chinese – Asia – West, Chinese – Indochina International Economic Cooperation Corridor; to focus on the sea port for the node, transportation channels to build the unobstructed safe and high efficiency. BCIM, Pakistan Economic Corridor and promoting the "two The Belt and Road construction closely related, to further promote cooperation and make greater progress.

"The Belt and Road" built?

[] along the national policy communication can fully exchange docking strategy and measures of economic development, formulate plans and measures to promote regional cooperation and negotiation to resolve the problems in cooperation, provide policy support for pragmatic cooperation and large-scale project implementation.

[trade flow] to solve the problem of investment and trade facilitation, eliminate investment;

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