The national cultural information resources sharing project launched Tibet new plans for the Ministr

10 8, the Ministry of culture, the National Center for public cultural development and the provincial press and Publication Office of the National Cultural Information Resources Sharing Project Sino Tibetan cultural exchange project to build agreement. The signing of the agreement will play a positive role in promoting the modern public digital cultural services in our province, strengthening the cultural exchanges between China and South Korea, and improving the quality of Tibetan people’s lives.

according to the Sino Tibetan cultural exchange project planning, "13th Five-Year" period, the Ministry of culture and national public cultural development center in our province will make full use of Tibetan Culture Sharing Project of existing service outlets, to Tibetan temples, township streets as the key to eliminate the service lift of 200 new blind spots, Sino Tibetan cultural exchange township service point service terminal configuration. The construction of the 400 Sino Tibetan cultural exchange station, introduced China culture network television new media service channels, focus on the culture of poverty alleviation accurate, rich service project. Relying on the national public cultural digital platform, launched the Sino Tibetan cultural exchange convergence characteristics of the application, not less than 30TB thematic resources, integration of various cultural application of not less than 30, the annual launch of grassroots public cultural service promotion, to provide "one-stop" services for the multi terminal number of grassroots. Launch new Tibet culture sharing project plan, the depth of excavation, construction of Tibetan folk customs, folk art, ethnic handicrafts, ethnic tourism and other characteristics of outstanding cultural resources, launched at least 50 new digital resources, newly dubbed in Tibetan resources not less than 5000 hours, according to the special resources distribution of culture and art, life services, children’s education, not less than 20TB. With spring projects, cultural construction, cultural border projects with good neighborliness, carry out social cooperation between the eastern region and the Tibetan and Tibetan art popularization, launched linkage, precise poverty, big stage people and culture go pro, voluntary service brand series of Sino Tibetan cultural exchange service activities. To strengthen the Sino Tibetan cultural exchange grassroots backbone training, sent to the mainland Tibetan backbone training positions, Tibet held special training personnel, carry out the combination of online and offline training, improve public digital cultural talent level of business.


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