What does it take to join ayue fish

fish project many investors will have questions about this or that, as they often ask how to fish the fish ayue project? Value is not worth joining? Delicious opportunities are most attention today this small business investment in their own rich project, as one of the investment market is the most fire, ayue fish franchise has great potential for development, the headquarters of more extensive operational experience as a guide, join in business investment, will be able to receive strong support from headquarters, auxiliary business, so, so easy to create! How to join the wealth program? What is the condition ayue fish to join


is used to join ayue fish no fire, no smoke baking technology, not burning to produce pathogenic substances, health, environmental protection, health, very attractive to many love delicacy but also attach importance to healthy consumers! What is the condition to join ayue fish? Ayue fish how to join? Ayue fish to join the headquarters constantly, market hot, is the leader of Chinese fast food, a huge market demand, lucrative investment worth


to join ayue fish need to have what conditions?

1, identity ayue fish management concept and management mode;

2, with a good business reputation, a wide range of social relations, a wealth of marketing resources and a better sales network.

3, have the consciousness of modern marketing, and meet with the headquarter required ayue fish business sites;

4, with the network expansion and service ability, maintain the natural person and legal person ayue fish brand reputation;

5, have a certain financial strength and good loyalty;

6, ayue fish agent, franchisee stores the capital business area of not less than 60 square meters, cities shall not be less than 30 square meters, below the county level shall not be less than 15 square meters.

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