How to avoid the shop to avoid professional judges to patronize

has had the experience of Taobao shop entrepreneurs should know that once there is a bad review, which will have a very big impact on the development of the store management. Therefore, Taobao shop operators, sellers are most afraid of the thing is the poor. General customer evaluation can also be modified by contact with them to review the situation, in order to save the situation, but if you encounter a malicious professional bad judge attack, sellers and how to deal with?

generally speaking, the poor evaluation and complaints caused by a lot of time because of improper handling or not caused in a timely manner, then we have to clear the sale did not deal with what is the reason? Is it not enough? Or professional enough? Or customer service attitude arrogant? If our own problems, we can communicate with customers, understand customer requirements, try to make up and ask the customer to cancel the complaint. If it is the customer’s subjective reasons or third party factors caused by the complaint, the seller can consider the return package mail service, in order to ease the mood of customer anger, to achieve the purpose of the cancellation of complaints.

above is a normal situation, shop operators encountered poor assessment of the situation, this can be saved. But for the poor professional assessment of the lead, but it is the most difficult to let the people of the most popular sellers of a class of people. So, how can we avoid the poor teacher’s patronage?

1, learning Taobao rules. The so-called no rules not Cheng Fangyuan, since the seller chose to survive in the development of Taobao platform, we must understand some of the rules of survival on the platform. So, know enough to better use the rules for success.

2, self correcting consciousness. Find yourself on the page lead to violations of the place, and then rectification, can effectively avoid the cause of the poor. If some students wrote in the title of the package, the shipping template actually shows the freight, causing complaints and extortion.

3, pay attention to Taobao rules training. Customer service training should pay special attention to the basic rules of Taobao training, especially need to pay attention to some points node and easy to be complaints, understand the bad teacher the most common scam warning, be rigorous in answer to the customer, seriously. For example, the division will generally ask whether the customer service can be delivered on the same day, if the vigilance of customer service is not high, the answer can be. The difference between the teacher to take a random sample of goods, receiving the address is more remote, payment options to cash on delivery.

said that although the occupation difference patronize assessment division, most of the time we have no way to stop, but if the first will work to do, even with these poor teacher visiting, can also try to reduce the bad. So, if you Taobao open shop, now you know how to avoid the occupation bad teacher care about?

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