You must pay attention to these four points in front of the store

venture capital because of the success of the business can bring you huge profits, so the risk is greater than other things, we are more open shop. We should be good at starting from the experience of failure, this is the last step to promote the success of a good way to tell you what you need to pay attention to


[front line of these four points you must pay attention to]

1, interest. Entrepreneurship must be sure that the cause of their own interest, because the interest is the best motivation for entrepreneurs to overcome difficulties, but also the essential elements of success. A noodle shop is a dream career, if you do not do this hard to also consider the best.

2, industry experience. Before starting to actively accumulate industry experience. Take a rice noodle shop, entrepreneurs need to look at some of the industry magazine, such as rice noodles, and industry news, more understanding of some of the rice sector counterparts, and more exchanges with them some of the rice noodle market.

3, resolution. First, look at the market competitiveness. Secondly, the enterprise has unique place in the service. Again, we should pay attention to whether the staff professional and sincere. Finally, we should try to choose the higher price of similar products in the same product line shop to join.

4, investigation. For example, the franchisee whether formal, legal, business scope of its business license and confirm the franchisee, credibility, quality and how you contact the staff, whether there is a complete franchise contract, these aspects are in a certain extent represents the strength of the franchisee.

5, site selection. In the site, first of all pay attention to the characteristics of the target consumer group, including who do business? What are the fixed residents around the flow of customers? What? Secondly, to the level of income from consumer groups to determine the consumption level and consumption trend, forecast for the next six months. Finally, to consider the rent factors should be taken into account sales forecast, gross profit, cost level, location choice decision.

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