What is the relationship between agents

as a choice agent to start their own business the way people should get to join with the agent know the difference between these two, because we often put the two words together, so many people think that is the same thing, in fact.

first agent is self built channel sales system, to join the existing chain sales system.

agents have their own characteristics. The agent is authorized to give you the right to distribute the region, exclusive and exclusive. You can develop distributors according to your situation, distribution. The agency will sometimes receive operating margin, minimum limit will also have sales or delivery amount, not enough, to bear the agreed damages or losses.

join also has its own characteristics. Join is a way of distribution businesses or manufacturers to expand sales, general unified door, unified decoration, uniform requirements, join a formal special experience and the strength of the business to make your business down to a very low risk. But acting as a franchise or distribution will be based on your actual situation to decide.

summary, that is to join the existing chain sales system, the agent is self channel sales system.

joined, mainly to the initial fee to the home, it will give you the corresponding technology and other aspects of the guidance, but often is a basis to. This way of operating their own risk. Manufacturers are responsible for the supply, it depends on how it is talking about. That is, you may choose. Agent, relatively speaking, relatively stable, manufacturers are to supply. But manufacturers will give you the sales task, there will be some pressure. Agents can be provincial level, you can also be municipal, you can also be central China, Southern China and other larger. It will be on your business, and liquidity, as well as the credibility of the requirements will be made for the corresponding examination. For example, join KFC, your shop is KFC but the certain brand, you can store their name this is the most obvious difference between the larger is the way of cooperation and profit distribution agency is relatively free, low risk. Agents do not have to pay to join the fee or less, and join must pay a certain amount of join fee

generally join the following four methods.:

1. agent: global agency or national agency to the province or a region of a city. Of course, if the local proxy agent is bigger, its condition will be higher, such as agency cost, agency margin, sales agents.

2. join: manufacturers will be set up in each city or a region to set up a number of franchisees. In addition, there will be a number of agents in the establishment of a number of franchisees

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