Store layout proposal

customers into the store shopping, the most intuitive is the layout of the store. Therefore, if the store wants to attract customers, but also need to do a good job related store layout. In short, the store layout is to let customers themselves, is a very important thing, the shop owner usually also pay great attention to it, but sometimes it is ideas and practices can not keep up, the following is the two boss’s experience, for your reference.

layer by layer to improve the layout of

is the first store decoration design according to the size of the shop, shop to store shop to shop gorgeous, warm, bright eye-catching enough to sign the facade atmosphere, the walls are a new paint, glass doors and windows to wipe clean, the door can not be misplaced items, let customers through our door is fresh and elegant feeling, plus posting attractive promotional posters, to allow customers to go in to see the desire and impulse.

shop decoration not too luxurious but must have a taste, any one of our customers love to a taste of the store shopping, the store lighting is very important, in a bad light corner to install the necessary lights, some businesses in order to save electricity, lighting is not good in the corner do not turn on the lights it is wrong, we can install energy-saving lamps in order to save small wattage, lighting should be soft.

shelf placement is very important, to do special counters, meat counters as far as possible in the vicinity of the door or window to facilitate ventilation, because it can reduce the smell of greasy meat shop. Cosmetics and washing counters can be placed in a remote corner, because these goods are aroma, people will follow the taste to, with soft lighting, customers can see this detailed description of the goods, can be placed next to the female products shelves smoke cabinet shelves, because this counter stay mainly on women.

wine can counter and smoke cabinet next to the bar, try to find manufacturers to counter display, because manufacturers have a genuine counter guarantee of quality for the customers must use tobacco smoke cabinet counters, if can not find the client manager application, because put on the tobacco counters let customers look both formal and good-looking, but also improve our grades.

to do the store and that some aspects of the management, I want to be able to keep shop business is booming.

a left to improve the store environment

I am a shop for many years old customers, because the shop is to purchase their own, store layout is also not too much attention in the shop, but with the operation time, I gradually found that consumers in our store layout views, specifically in the consumers into the store around it not what can buy the Buddha sleeve to go, then I carefully check my store layout, it.

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