The resignation of white-collar businesses to open shop hand-painted Home Furnishing build up the fa

two years ago, she is still no way to worry about the work, the idea of entrepreneurship in her mind flashed countless times. There is a chance, she saw the hand-painted home market prospects. Now a lot of young people on the pursuit of DIY home products, hand painted home store must have a market. So she left the original unit, opened a hand-painted household goods store.

one hundred percent because of pure hand-made, but also can provide customized attentive service for the consumer, it opened in Shanghai a furniture store in "love home" has a lot of hand-painted Home Furnishing shop loyal customers.

popular heavy and light colored hand-painted hand-painted Home Furnishing, Home Furnishing general to the white painted handsome chic design, with a touch of green, red, purple majority, fresh and elegant, very suitable for large pieces of furniture, such as bed, wardrobe, wine cabinet furniture production, and modern furniture trends to the simple style is also very easy collocation; heavy colored hand-painted Home Furnishing in the original color, black, dark green, lacquer base, magnificent patterns, classical style gorgeous glitz and European palace tend to Rococo Era, generally used for small parts production with the customer, and for pure European furniture.


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