What need to pay attention to the opening of smoke Hotel

Although the

shop is a good choice, but now almost every big industry competition has been very intense, therefore, if you want to get a success, there are naturally more attention we need to grasp. So, what need to pay attention to open a smoke Hotel? And let Xiaobian to introduce you briefly.

first suggested early investors to open one end cigarette and liquor vendor, the minimum investment of about 100 thousand yuan, do not involve high-end wine temporarily, because the display fee is very expensive, in the case of Moutai, a bottle of wine display fee thousands of yuan, ordinary investors can not afford.

second, purchase channels dealers and two operators, because alcohol production enterprises have sales tasks, cigarette and liquor vendor seldom meet the requirements, and funds is very high, suggestions from the dealers and two installment purchase, some wine can even sell the goods on credit.

third, pay attention to the layout of the store, the best store layout as a rectangle, it can highlight the shop to make people feel deep, wide range of products, at the same time must be placed inside the smoke shop, because the smoke has higher purchase frequency and purchase the characteristics of scattered, placed outside, take the goods is not convenient, but also easy to lose phenomenon of goods.

fourth, do Duitou turnover in general do not have a 30% higher than. And do not put on the shelf, so that customers always feel that you have been selling things.

fifth, generally speaking, the stock expenses of 40% cigarettes, drinks accounted for 5%, accounting for 15% of the ordinary wine, wine accounted for 10%, the remaining 30% of liquidity can be. At the same time, beer and beverage profits are thin, up to maintain the rent, so only 35 famous brands can be sold, about 10-12 kinds of red wine, of which more than 8 kinds of domestic red wine. As for the liquor, due to fierce competition in the market, investors can choose according to the surrounding shopping capacity of liquor brands, it is best to shop samples, and try the water, and then the size of the purchase.

open a shop that simple, after all, now doing business investment are very much; and that nature is also very difficult, because the competition is fierce. In short, if you want to successfully open a smoke Hotel, the above small series introduced a few points of attention naturally need more attention.

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