Anhui to help innovation and Entrepreneurship a number of initiatives to help farmers embark on Entr

Anhui province attaches great importance to innovation and entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial support is also very awesome, people demand more entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship is the need to understand these preferential policies, the following are some share!

vigorously promote, optimize employment entrepreneurial environment. Through the issuance of promotional materials, seminars, home visits and other methods, and vigorously promote various employment support policies, quickly within the city to create a strong atmosphere of migrant workers entrepreneurship, stimulate farmers to participate in training and entrepreneurial enthusiasm, ignite entrepreneurial wealth dream; increase the "labor law", "labor contract law" the social insurance law and other relevant rights of farmers’ entrepreneurship, and other policies and regulations propaganda, and urge enterprises to standardize the employment, optimize business environment.

has built the port business park, River Lek migrant workers migrant workers entrepreneurship Park 5 Park base.   more than 260 farmers into the entrepreneurial base, driven by the employment of more than 4 thousand and 500 people.



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