Four criteria for the selection of high quality shops

even the same brand, in different places of business may also have great differences, the location is always one of the important details, the shop location results are good and bad, good location is certainly to promote business investors better future bright, not good may be very detrimental to the site selection future business development, after all, need to rely on the market, said the four standard selection of quality shops.

Four criteria for the selection of

high quality store locations 1. Constitute

whether it is new or second-hand shops, the success or failure of the main factor is the local consumers. Therefore, in the choice of shops, it is necessary to compare the purchase of local consumers. Generally speaking, if the number of the local population, but also for the consumption ability of the white-collar, economics common sense tells us that people’s consumption level will be proportional to income, so the region will accommodate more high-end merchandise stores, thus contributing to rising rent levels in the region. How to constitute a population than in fact, there is a very simple way, that is, compared to the surrounding real estate density, and the quality of the market. Under normal circumstances, the development of large density, and many well-known developers, means a large number of people, but also for the purchase of a group of people with higher income.

Four criteria for the selection of

high quality store locations 2. Traffic condition

traffic convenience, to a large extent determine the number of people arrived. In general, whether it is the bustling city center area, or new business community "hot", has all characteristics of convenient transportation. So whether it is a new shop, or second-hand shops, if the traffic situation is not ideal, but also indicates that the future growth will not be great. Of course, the need to pay attention to is that you can not choose close to the main road traffic shops, although this kind of shops with a high degree of convenient traffic characteristics, but people are unable to bring together, can not bring popularity.

Four criteria for the selection of

high quality store locations 3. Management team

shops in the management team, like a stone in the skilled craftsmen. Have a rich experience in the management of business operations team trader can live a commercial project in a very short time inside, which has very high popularity. Comparison of the management team, you can use the human resources department to interview candidates in the usual approach – the behavior of the interview, that is, through the management of the team’s past behavior to predict their future behavior.

in a behavioral interview, the most common problems is "did what", "how to do" and "get what results", so investors can also use this way to examine the management team of past management which is how to manage the project, how to achieve effect. Through this comparison, the general management team will have a general understanding of the operating capacity.


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