Double 11 Carnival will go to where

double 11 carnival is continuing, with only 12 hours to break last year’s double Tmall’s sales record of 11 a day of 57 billion 100 million. This madness seems to indicate that China’s electricity supplier market far beyond the people’s imagination, cross-border electricity providers and rural electricity supplier is also about to integrate into the market.

A, a nut sold 140 thousand cans of fresh milk sold 1 million boxes of goods…… Double 11 into the countdown, big data show that some of the pre-sale volume of brand merchandise has exceeded last year’s double 11 period.

was used every year "double 11" zero keep in front of the computer grab half off discount "Beijing resident Zhang Lin, these days are busy picking goods from all over the world into the shopping cart: the United States Messi department store four sets of bedding, silica gel pillow Thailand, Metro fresh milk," I heard some goods has been shipped from overseas to domestic bonded warehouse, such as "double 11" confirmation of payment, a few days later we can delivery the fresh taste."

and there are more and more consumers are Chinese chapter Lin similar ideas. Reporters learned from the major electricity supplier platform, compared to previous years, the price war this year, many businesses turn to the main features of the goods, the global optimization, to meet the consumer needs of the upgrade.

Big data

In order to catch up with the

is the so-called consumer guide production. Insiders pointed out that the "double 11" hot China that sea Amoy consumer demand to upgrade the domestic brand just unfolding, but the level of design and manufacture, does not keep up, "double 11" to "Chinese hot sea Amoy manufacturing transformation and upgrading direction.

The upgrade of consumption structure:

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