The importance of setting up a budget for a copy shop

now people want to start, especially want to run some small business projects, open a typed copy shop is a good choice, at the same time in the preparation after opening a typed copy shop also need to pay attention to is ahead of product.

copy typing conditions

two to thirty thousand yuan. Including store rent and deposit, equipment, etc.. Wages count, prepare a few more money for emergencies.

first storefront in what is important. Usually choose the flow of people, around the office area, that is, companies, units of many aspects, if in the vicinity of the school that is better. Select the store to confirm the water, electricity, how to calculate. Especially electricity. You are worth it.

light copy typing should now not so good to do, the profit is very low. No earlier than.

copiers, fax machines, printers, computer, machine, stationery, paper, plastic film, paper and the like, just opened things do not buy too much, but must be full, see the increase in the volume of business. Transfer the business such as plates, name card, printing, cutting and other characters, to have samples must prepare some samples, but not samples must be familiar with the business. Well, I guess that’s all. The other you Peck and grind.

typing copy shop product budget is an important link, only a good grasp of the budget, in order to win in the process of opening type copy shop, the ultimate success of the success of the enterprise, to shop, so it is necessary to budget conditions.


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