Learn from the general secretary to eat steamed buns to see the top 10 network marketing regulations

focus on the latest industry trends, the first time to understand the business information. I believe you are on recently to Beijing Xi Bao zipu Qingfeng bun, lead to domestic users of collective discussion, fire Qingfeng baozi pu. Xi greatly bun certainly did not think so much, but the cause of this event as a national hit traditional enterprise gave us a vivid lesson, at least to the enterprise marketing transformation 10:

1 inspired; network marketing according to the social hot

Xi greatly to Qingfeng baozi PU. A look at the kitchen again ranked team, take meal time and concern about food safety issues of raw materials, the waiter with a mobile phone to see President Xi raw photos, make learning much at ease, and finally people exchange food safety issues, showing the background of the incident is the "national food safety as a major strategic beneficial to the people’s livelihood".

2,   core network marketing is always

3,   network marketing good products is the key to

4,   the concept of network marketing product is determined by the consumer

> traditional business

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