Open milk tea shop needs to master what skills

open milk tea shop also need to master more skills, many operators are novice, lack of experience, it does not matter, as long as willing to learn can be easier and more relaxed. The following are small series finishing the relevant points, I hope you can help.

where the good

tea not only taste good, and the price is cheap, by all classes of consumers. Open tea shop opened in the bustling commercial street. The position of such traffic particularly large, centralized source, as long as the cold store quality and good service, leisure time is very happy to narrow customers patronize, people shopping tired to drink chain break, then point the same a delicious drink, operation after a period of time, the old customers will frequently patronize at the same time, attract more customers. And as long as there is a certain customer, there is no need to worry about the future of the money, and do not have to do anything special publicity, these customers is the best advertising.

How to open a tea shop in

in store decoration completed to do light boxes, signs and opened to goods (such as store cards, leaflets, etc.) is the most important personnel recruitment and price positioning. After the completion of the renovation of auspicious day began trial operation, during the trial operation to a large number of advertising.

Analysis of

pearl Chadian requirements facade is not how to open a tea shop? In general relatively prosperous place to rent a 10-15 square meter facade can be, how to run a good tea shop? At a monthly rent of 2000 yuan, pearl tea raw material is relatively simple, add milk to the tea and some pearl, " " a cup of tea cost only 1 yuan, while the market price is generally in the 3-5 yuan, the profit is considerable, and store the required equipment is also very simple, just a freezer, a sealing machine.

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