The four went to Shenzhen learn from the entrepreneurial base construction to promote cloud

for many entrepreneurs, a good business platform is an important weight of success, now many places are in creating such a business platform, in Shenzhen has been promoting the construction of cloud business base.

7 27, Sihui city leaders led the city of science and technology, by letter and other departments in Shenzhen Nanshan cloud business base to visit, learning experience and practice operation of incubator construction and high-tech enterprises, to accelerate cloud China entrepreneurial base construction project (four).

It is reported that the four

, the municipal government of China (four) cloud entrepreneurial base project attaches great importance to the establishment of a special leading group, to accelerate the project landing. At present, the city has begun to do the project and planning work of cloud base and selected Sihui entrepreneurship, science and technology business incubator site area of 1800 square meters, can accommodate 50 science and technology incubator project approach.

the Sihui City can be said to be very seriously to build cloud business base, at the same time, the establishment of such a cloud business base will lead to the local social resources integration, and ultimately to achieve a purpose of entrepreneurship and wealth.


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