Open the bakery what the process needs to go

West Point products accounted for in public daily diet and the proportion is not small, is definitely a worthy investment gold market. If you want to open a bakery, so how should you start? Many novices are not very clear about the problem. If you want to learn more, then it will not be difficult to open a shop.

in the West business, cake sales profits, bread sales is profit, but sales of larger, in ordinary bakery cake sales, sales of approximately 40%, 60% bread; in high-grade commercial shops selling cakes and bread, the proportion of the sales of the opposite. It can be seen that the location is different, resulting in different sales results. For investors, a comprehensive bakery, far more than a single operating return is very good. Both bread and cake; both coffee and tea; can be taken away from retail, but also enjoy the rest, to provide customers with a variety of options.

The first step:

second step: prepare technical sources and hire employees, also can do a job;

The third step:

fourth steps: market research. In order to make a detailed investigation on the regional food market demand, consumption status, consumption ability, people’s eating habits and competition situation,

fifth step: feasibility analysis. Are the products and services acceptable? Are they better than the industry? Where are the opportunities?

seventh step: decoration and processing license. The facade is best to use warm color decoration, have their own characteristics and not too fancy.

eighth step: the purchase of equipment. More and more manufacturers of baking equipment, may wish to consult a baking headquarters opinion.

ninth steps: the design of a special, interesting, memorable and clear meaning of trademark, the best to register for the future brand, to create brand-name products to pave the way for


eleventh step: the purchase of raw materials, this is a very crucial link, depending on the grade of the product business to choose a good contact and distributors of raw materials. In fact, dealers know you want to open, and early to the door. The selection of raw materials is very important, it directly affects the quality of products, may wish to choose some of the product quality and stability to provide after-sales service manufacturers products.

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