A small Qingdao Deputy AC line will interpret entrepreneurial intellectual property

entrepreneurship is always difficult, lack of experience, it is difficult to solve the problem. To help college students and other entrepreneurial difficulties encountered by the entrepreneurial crowd, the Qingdao Department of human resources and the peninsula Metropolis Daily co sponsored the business exchange, to guide the creation of how to solve the problem of entrepreneurship.

12 on Sept. 4 at 2:30 in the afternoon, "to help the dream hit off the island" series of activities twelfth and a small Deputy AC line will have a space successfully held in Collegiate Business Incubation Center of Qingdao on the first floor of the.

Daocheng to better implement the "three hit" deployment, and effectively solve the college students and youth in creating customer business difficulties, Qingdao city human resources and Social Security Bureau and the peninsula city newspaper sponsored "cooperation, help the dream hit off the island" second stage "a series of activities to help small business exchange office, after practice repeatedly summary of the activities and upgrading, and gradually establish policy, funding, venues, including business guidance, resource platform, will record customer needs and resources docking, help creating innovation and entrepreneurship.

expert interpretation of "patent protection"

"service type small Jingdong is expected to solve the problem of the


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