Henan University to create a good atmosphere to encourage college students to start their own busine

for the upcoming college graduates out of school, the school provides guidance and help is very important. Henan University, the corresponding state call for graduates in 2016 to provide job description, but also to encourage students to start their own businesses, creating an atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship in the school.

typical guide   cultivate a large number of youth hit off

in business model under the guidance of the river campus fad "entrepreneurial style", the emergence of a number of youth hit off. International Economic and trade professional students of grade 2013 in Chen Sen’s "RadioPACS remote medical consultation system; visual culture founded personal drama professional 2014 graduates Zhou Guangpu school has entered the profit model, the turnover of about 1500000 yuan in 2014; School of news and communication of Hu Ruiwen as a student is the 5 city BOBIWater cosmetic agents, the annual turnover of nearly one million yuan. "Based on the embedded technology of CNC system", "Xue Shi squares", "smart university"…… In addition to Chen Sen, Zhou Guangpu, Hu Ruiwen, many university innovation projects through the river, walk on the road of entrepreneurship dreams.

"to encourage the idea of the students to practice is one of our measures." Henan University employment guidance center relevant responsible person said, "from the" empty talk "to" practice ", the school and the college to do its utmost to provide funds for the students, intelligence and other aspects of support. The school of art college students of grade 2012 in Xu Shiyu to allow college students leave school business after the implementation of the policy, set up their own food in season six Agel Ecommerce Ltd Beijing three." Software College 2012 students Ma Ben developed the wisdom of the campus APP, Dean’s care, the venue of the college, funding, and so give him great support. In the 2015 Sino US regional innovation and entrepreneurship competition for college students of Henan University on the project preliminary, Ma Ben won the first prize. The school attaches great importance to the cultivation of students’ ability of innovation, and strive to create "geek culture" and "Innovation workshop"."


data show that 2015 college graduates reached 7 million 490 thousand people, is known as the history of the most difficult employment season in 2014 and an increase of 220 thousand people. Faced with the severe employment situation, Henan University attaches great importance to the work of innovation and entrepreneurship.

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