How much is the delicious steamed

in the Chinese fast food market economy tide swept the Chinese fast food brands, they saw the opportunity to emerge in an endless stream, the occupation of the Chinese fast food consumption market. Steamed delicious is one of the famous fast food brands. So what about steamed delicious? Look at the following Xiaobian:

steamed delicious is one of the 8 famous brand source group, the introduction of the project in Taiwan, is the headquarters to create a stylish, healthy and nutritional characteristics of food items, the headquarters organized a number of nutrition experts to conduct technical research, will be the first to a variety of nutrients beneficial to human nutrition collocation are combined. After more than a year of innovation and market test, will eventually be steamed delicious to market success. Since the success of project operation since, has been widely recognized by consumers, has won a good reputation in the market, the original tonic steamed vegetables production technology and modern advanced production process perfectly, breaking the traditional types of fast food limitation, the taste of a single market structure, the formation of "1+7+N model".

steamed Western fast-food advanced management mode delicious super fast restaurant fusion, and the timely introduction of new products, has been formed to steamed dishes, rice, rice noodles all kinds of cold dishes, drinks are more than and 10 series for auxiliary, the technology and standard of modern professional technology standard recipe produced fast food stores.

steamed delicious worry free business, to seize the unusual business opportunities, choose to eat delicious delicious fast food brands, hundreds of millions of wealth, such as you join!

steamed delicious join fee

business shop: investment of about 20 thousand yuan, the rate of 180 thousand yuan

standard shop: investment of about 30 thousand yuan, the rate of 390 thousand yuan

flagship store: investment of about 50 thousand yuan, the rate of 630 thousand yuan

agent year profit 30—300 million (according to the different situation at

may increase or decrease)

steamed delicious store cooperation policy

project level investment cost of the proposed area of the use of other brands distribution

shop 1280020 square meters above $2000 see delivery table

standard store more than 1880050 square meters of 2000 yuan

flagship store more than 2580080 square meters of 2000 yuan


1. steaming delicious investment costs include: technical training fees, operating guidance fees, goods >

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