How much is the cat feces coffee

coffee chain in the brand, there are many more well-known chain brands are rapidly occupied the coffee market. Cat Shit coffee. Guangzhou cat feces coffee chain Limited company holding a number of coffee farms in Vietnam, Indonesia, Ethiopia and other places, from coffee planting, wild weasel breeding, production and processing to the terminal sales, has formed a complete industrial chain.

2010 in May, the company officially introduced the cat feces coffee in mainland China, and successfully registered "cat feces coffee" trademark, launched the cat feces cafe chain operation mode in china. Since April 9, 2011 in mainland China’s first cat feces coffee shop opened, to December 30, 2012, has opened 53 stores nationwide in 2015! The company will complete the target store construction strategy 350, all from the company direct holdings.

cat feces coffee is about to open some areas to join or cooperate with

how much is the cat feces coffee?

dear franchisee: one of the world’s ten largest luxury cat feces coffee, is worthy of the name of the gourmet coffee, more than and 100 years ago is a special tribute to the royal family of Holland and part of the success of the exclusive, "drink it, it’s like diamonds found in stone". Sumatra islands pure natural pollution-free ecological environment, the magic in ancient fruit fermentation and baking process for cat feces coffee

Zoran heaven!

and welcome you to join us to join the cat feces coffee chain business! To grasp the cat feces coffee brings business opportunities! First of all, you must have a common business philosophy with us; independent personal identity or corporate legal qualification; you need to have more business: long-term investment perspective; the ability to bear risk (psychological ability and economic capacity); financial conditions and some local connections;

cat feces coffee investment details

franchise royalties: RMB 300 thousand, signing day once paid, no longer renew payment; join the duration and store leases, generally not less than 5 years; the deposit 100 thousand yuan deposit; signing day payment, contract interest refund;

cat feces coffee shop investment amount

equipment furniture: standard of about 300 thousand, and the first batch of materials containing equipment; decoration design: the design fee of 100 square 20 thousand, 101~150 square, 25 thousand square, 150 more than 30 thousand; royalties: continuing expenses franchise should pay the monthly turnover by 5% pay. Total store investment: 150 square about 1 million 100 thousand yuan

above is a simple introduction to the cat feces coffee join fee, may also

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