After 80 nternet entrepreneurs who should pay attention to what

Internet in recent years, people’s lives influence is growing, and more and more people with this embarked on their own entrepreneurial path. In a word, the Internet has created Chinese Ding Lei, Ma Yun, Ma Huateng legend, the myth of wealth in the past ten years, and now the electronic commerce and the hot 3G, making the next ten years will be another opportunity for entrepreneurs. More and more 80 have passion and dreams into the field, imagining the myth flourishes.

but most of the Internet community predecessors who believes that the Internet business opportunity is great, but still should start small, do their own areas of expertise, the dream into a sense of products and services, because many of the early entrepreneurs do not earn money, but also lose money.

electronic commerce has become the first choice for 80 entrepreneurs "". If you do traditional industries, industrial and commercial, taxation, facade rent, staffing and other aspects of the pressure.

if you use the Internet to start can avoid these tedious things. But the Internet without regional restrictions, can be unlimited to expand the scope of business, because the Internet is no borders, no regional, can through the Internet to promote, through the Internet to negotiate to transactions through the Internet, you can manage the whole team through the Internet, the management of the whole market.

has been successful e-commerce business model, in addition to the opening of flowers, red wine and other e-commerce sites, you can also open shop in the Taobao platform, but the degree of competition is becoming increasingly fierce, the starting point is not easy to find.

is currently the best time to start the mobile Internet, on the one hand, 3G network startup, extreme lack of a variety of applications, there are many opportunities in it. The biggest challenge in the field is not a real leader of the operator to do the mobile Internet, wait until the operator started to do, there may be no chance.

suggested that there are two kinds of 3G applications for entrepreneurs to choose from, one is from the traditional Internet migration over the business, such as music, video, search, etc.; two is more mobile features, such as mobile WAP games. For the new venture, it should move from the characteristics related to the development of more successful opportunities.

now has a lot of initial profit model, such as mobile games, virtual props, mobile e-commerce, etc., are in the exploration, the key entrepreneurs who choose.

four points on the Internet after 80 business advice

do their own areas of expertise. China Electronic Chamber of Commerce Deputy Secretary General Lu Renbo pointed out that the choice to enter the field of Internet business, in addition to the overall risk assessment should be done early, but also to assess whether they have a certain

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