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is a type of fried food, common breakfast we Chinese long-standing, what kind of fried can make you seem to judge its taste is delicious? Xiaobian teach you a method: by observing the morphology of your full, half Yellow Sesame and green onion, soft taste, lower the bottom of the bag golden crispy; stuffing fresh taste, flavor, eat more sweet. "Thin skin" and "fresh meat", "soup", is the standard of a good fried.


production skills


pay attention to, must be in a saucepan, slightly wiping a layer of oil, fried will be neatly set (folds down). To be one by one, should be sprinkled evenly sprinkle some water. It is best to use a small mouth watering kettle, to sprinkle in the crevice, which penetrate into the pan bottom as well. Cover the pot, frying two or three minutes, sprinkle water once. Bake for two or three minutes, then sprinkle once. This can be a little oil, about five minutes after eating. With a shovel out, the five or six together, the bottom is golden yellow, slightly soft surrounding and upper. Reeky is the best. The food, the skin has a crisp cotton stuffing also rotten also crisp, fragrant, lead a person to endless aftertastes.

Chinese what delicious fried, recommended name


: Suzhou Shengjian dumb Leighton Road No. 12 Wen shore Pan-Fried Baozi Stuffed with Pork finished map (20)

big two fried shop: Suzhou District No. 42 Shantangjie Street road

songhelou restaurant: Wynn Plaza No. 28 canal road high tech Zone (Yushan Road)


Yang Shengjian: Jingan District No. 269 Wujiang Road, 2 floor, Yangpu District Huang Pu Hui Wujiaochang first food store 2 floor

flying dragon: Dongtai leisure Plaza No. 2002 Hongkou District 1 floor North Sichuan Road (near Shanyin Road)

big pot spring: Yunnan South Road, No. 71 (Near East Jinling Road)

Wang Sha dim sum shop: 1533 West Jingan District Road,


: Luwan District Chongqing Shengjian abundance road 197 (near Fuxing Road)


Shanghai: Dongcheng District East No. 1 Chang’an Avenue Oriental Plaza B1 floor delicacy street CC18


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