How to do a good job in food and beverage stores micro marketing

micro marketing has already become a kind of propaganda, many shops are paid more attention to in the current era however, after all, is a new era of media, how to do the work, the operator plagued many food and beverage industry. So, how to do a good job in food and beverage stores micro marketing work? Let Xiaobian for everyone to elaborate, so as to become more food and beverage operators who can refer to the content.

now in the market driven economy, consumer demand showing fine and diverse characteristics, market maturity, while the rapid progress of Internet technology and the application of stimulation, the pace of development of the overall market is accelerating, micro marketing should be fortune and health, has become an important means many businesses propaganda.

for catering shop operators, micro marketing becomes more important, especially now almost everyone playing WeChat, restaurants made a delicious meal, promotions and so it is possible for the restaurant will be able to attract part of the consumer, so the catering shop how to do micro marketing?

food and beverage outlets before doing micro marketing, the first impulse is to improve their own products, such as the main push of the store dishes, delicious and nutritious meals are to have a good position, do a good job in the restaurant service, only in this way can be done in the process of micro marketing in the better.

to do micro marketing, WeChat will build good public platform, then every day in their own stores the main products to consumers, of course, can not only send pictures of dishes, but also with some text, graphic combination, clearly express the meaning of colleagues give consumers bring certain visual impact.

After the WeChat

platform for the public, catering shops, an important step is to add the fans, not even fans of WeChat content get to perfect, also is no good, only have some fans, then you can put these fans into a potential consumer, can focus on a gift or a share platform the content has the gift to send prize, sign, attention to get WiFi password, shake together the lottery comment prize, award, prize promotion, voice service and AA meal, holiday meals, discounts, share praise, fun games and other forms.

in the current era of focus on marketing, how to do a good job in the marketing of the shop, just take the means very much. So, WeChat marketing can only as a part of the food and beverage outlets in the marketing process, can not rely too much on this type of marketing, after all, WeChat marketing is just a tool, the same tools, different people will have different effects. Catering franchisees should have a positive attitude to micro marketing as a method in which many marketing skills.

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