nterview with Song Lingwen, deputy director of Qinghai Provincial Department of human resources and

to achieve the development of a region, it is necessary to have adequate labor and abundant employment opportunities. In recent years, in order to open up new development in Qinghai Province, the introduction of policies to support entrepreneurship and employment, and create a better and more entrepreneurial environment.

Q: in the upcoming "13th Five-Year" period, how our province will continue to create a "double" atmosphere, promote entrepreneurship employment to promote sustained and normalization?

A: the current and future periods, the employment situation is still grim in our province, to promote entrepreneurship employment, is conducive to entrepreneurship to improve employment multiplier effect, has important practical significance to alleviate the employment pressure. The province will be through policy support and service security, to further optimize the entrepreneurial environment, encourage and support more workers to become entrepreneurs.

two is an appropriate increase in the subsidy policy standard, based on the uniform policy, the full implementation of the cash, employment and entrepreneurship policies and measures, effectively play a positive role in policy guidance and support employment and entrepreneurship.

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