Clothing store owner of the small business select the address on the success of half

do business have earned had lost, some successful entrepreneurs, some people actually think carefully entrepreneurial dismal end, the difference between success and failure, may be due to the different location, more than and 30 year old Zhang and his wife after graduating from college, in 2005 in Huanggu District of Kunshan road opened a clothing shop. Today, he runs the store daily turnover in more than 1000 yuan, seven thousand or eight thousand yuan of money every month.

this street, there are a dozen clothing stores, over the past few years, and now the remaining three or four, and other home to sell other. To say that success cheats, I think the management quality of the goods, style and appropriate price is very important. Because the style is good, the price is moderate, very few customers to my shop to buy a single piece, mostly with a good, will buy a set of clothes to go home." Mr. Zhang said.

market analysis

the weather gets warmer, the pursuit of fashion has become the preferences of young people. Street clothing stores have their own characteristics, the operation of clothing is different from the big shopping malls, has not been a lot of time to visit the mall frequented places, which provides a fixed number of consumer groups for some clothing stores.

in addition, the big market in the brand clothing expensive, mass production of clothing, the lack of unique charm, can not meet the needs of young people, which also created a special clothing store to make money business opportunities. Therefore, the shop sales of fashion apparel and personalized jewelry, large market potential, as long as the operation well, will have the money".

selected site on the success of half

"for the clothing store, the site is very important. Shop is well selected, large passenger flow is almost equal to half the success of the shop." Mr. Zhang said, "choose the shop mainly consider three aspects, one is the real street, the best is the intersection of two roads, at least near the street; two is the company, office buildings concentrated area; three is a more concentrated residential areas. Of course, these three conditions are better. Because the clothing business, the most important factor is the traffic."

clothing store location information source, you can pay attention to the advertising, but also personally visit to find or entrust a friend. Mr. Zhang believes that the open clothing store selected area preferably not more than 20 square meters, clothing price not too high. In addition, in order to do the clothing business for a long time, there is a business positioning problem. Such as clothing stores in the vicinity of residential areas, because the residents of the neighborhood to the main, so the store should be open to clean, bright, health led. Price, it is best to ordinary residents to accept the level of consumption based, the price is too high will be out of the consumer.

feature is the clothing store signs

"clothing, hats, portable recommendation

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