Learning in entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship in learning

many people want to rely on entrepreneurship to improve living conditions, or to achieve self satisfaction. But in their view, entrepreneurship is a very difficult thing, they do not dare to try. But there is a student, he is not afraid of failure, in the study of entrepreneurship, and achieved success. He is Li Lijun.

3 years, by virtue of their own efforts and talents, Li Lijun has received a number of awards: won the prize in the first Anhui province higher art college art exhibition, in 2006 the "harmonious Chinese" public design competition award two works won the Excellence Award in the 2006 National College Design Yearbook "rating in the works for the" 07 classic design "," Chinese China art colleges students and other works. ". Li Lijun told reporters that the biggest gain in the university is to know what to learn, how to learn. So far, he has spent thousands of dollars on his own books on advertising and marketing.

as "80 generation, Li Lijun questioned himself and his company is able to do much, can go far, sometimes the pressure, team members will encourage each other, keep walking. In Li Lijun’s opinion, everyone has their own dreams and goals. "My dream is to have my own space in this land of Wuhu, first in Anhui, and then covering the whole country. This will be the last hope of development, to create the first brand of Chinese media in colleges."

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