Lv Dongdong and his hire me career

as long as you choose the right path, as long as you provide is needed on the market, then your business must be quickly carried out, there is a real example of a business, this is Lu Dongdong and his "I called my hire" career!

2006 in October, at the Ji’nan Eastern Mansion erected a conspicuous blue sign: "I move my hire staffing service chain". After nearly a year of development, "I called my engagement" has become all has certain influence and visibility of the human resources service brand in the capital of the province and the province, and the responsible person is in "win in China" in the first quarter of the game and into the top 108 player Lv Dongdong.

from Beijing back to competition, Shandong province labor office occupation introduction center and Shandong flag software company to carry out cooperative projects related to occupation introduction, Lv Dongdong has many years of human resources personnel work and service experience, have a great interest in the project, from August last year began formal operation "I move my engagement" Zhijie chain project.

about "I move my appointment", Lv Dongdong is full of passion and excitement. He said, at present the country appeared in the low-end labor shortage, many enterprises have recruitment difficulties, and even affect the development of enterprises, and there are many job seekers because of information occlusion and cannot find a satisfying job, "I called my engagement" since the establishment of the beginning will provide their own definition of human as a resource service platform for low-end labor.

by constructing the ground service chain network, combined with Internet and telephone communication network, will be around the personal information integration scale, batch delivery to the employer, to create a unique advantage and can achieve win-win new service mode.

in front of Lv Dongdong in Shandong Province on the map, marked "I called my appointment" in the eight city in the province more than twenty staffing chain stores and hundreds of information service. Talking about the future development goal, Lv Dongdong is confident: "I move my engagement" will strive in the next year to build a covering the province’s 17 cities chain service system, and on this basis, out of Shandong, to the country, by three to five years of hard work, "I will call me hire" construction become the low-end the country’s largest labor service oriented human resource provider.

because aimed at the market demand, so Lv Dongdong in the effort, just to be able to continue to become bigger and stronger, to get rich through this example, you have learned what? What would you do if you started your own business?

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