Ying Cao said in an interview that he did not regret about the upcoming variety show

recently a well-known hostess Ying Cao once announced to participate in the variety show "the second time" in the interview, Ying Cao blew not regret to quit, may also consider the second child in the future.

1 5 afternoon, Ying Cao in an interview revealed that he is considering "two children", and even joked "for a prince to Tim children before the age of 50". For a hot "leave CCTV to Hunan" and other initiatives, Ying Cao said he did not regret.

Privacy exposure of the child is also hesitant

for together with their children on the show, a lot of people have concerns, worried about their children early exposure would lack of privacy. Especially as a public figure of the child, whether good or bad are easy to be over enlarged, will not worry about the impact of the child’s growth?. "At the beginning, I did not allow the children to be on the show, but with the advent of a lot of programs, I thought we wanted more. Children can participate in the program is more than a growth experience, in fact, is a good thing."

as entertainment rare low-key couple, Ying Cao and Ban Wang from love to children has not announced a high-profile, even marriage are not for the ceremony, to participate in the "second time" was the first to show their family life. Why so low? When talking about this issue, Ying Cao explained that he is "the sun’s sun baby spree, just a couple characters are relatively indifferent, do not attach much importance to many ceremony.

"did a lot of people have said we are too low-key, in fact, two of us actually not intentionally, we can only say two characters are relatively indifferent. There had been no wedding, in fact is playing too much, I both ‘in the opera "marriage several times, Chinese and western have, if the reality also do the ceremony or feel old in acting, but one family together to eat a meal, travel together, let us feel more like is’ married’, so naturally there has been no big."

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