What is the soup old Bu Jia franchise

breakfast snacks soup has been in the project we are more interested in consumer goods, today Xiaobian specially recommend a soup to join the brand – old Bu baozi. Old home steamed stuffed bun, which is a century old brand, the delicious products by the consumer’s warm welcome, but also have a good.

old Bu Jia steamed stuffed bun, 360 degrees of training and guidance, to protect the full range of high quality! High returns, market space, four popular, easy boss shop, hundreds of pure dessert free training. The old Bu Jia buns delicious snacks feature selection of Yantai specialty shrimp prawns, unique taste, attract the attention of many people health and safety there are many, you want to join, then what is the old Bu Jia soup to join


old Bu Jia soup what join?

old Bu Jia soup joining conditions:

1, a strong sense of professionalism, the development of higher and more stringent requirements, keen on the industry;

2, business model and business ideas, old home soup hundred percent identity;

3, a hundred percent implementation of the standards and join the old Bu Jia soup;

The regional market, the old

4 Bu Jia soup business city;

5, old Bu Jia soup franchisee must have independent store or place of business in the regional market;

6, there is a certain amount of capital investment and a certain degree of risk bearing capacity;

7, independent investors, have a certain operating experience can apply for membership.

as long as you meet the above conditions, you have the dream of entrepreneurship, you can join! We will contact you at the first time after seeing.

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