What business to get rich Hunan open Rhizomys aquaculture

although the current economic development of the whole society is better, but there are still some areas, due to differences in geographical conditions, leading to the slow development of the local economy, people’s lives have yet to be further improved. After three months of intense preparation, Hunan city of Huaihua province Xupu County oil Ocean Township Party committee and government led the establishment of the Xupu Dazhu County mountain Rhizomys aquaculture cooperatives has officially put into use. Why do you get rich? Hunan open Rhizomys aquaculture!

it is reported that Xupu Dazhu County mountain Rhizomys aquaculture cooperatives covers an area of 4000 square meters, a total investment of more than 60 yuan, jointly established by the oil Yang Xiang Da Zhi Fang Zhi Fang Cun village and small organizations of 47 households and 156 people to help the poor. At present, there has been only more than 1 thousand and 100 field Rhizomys seedlings, the farming cooperatives unified sales, to the end of the year can angufenhong.

from the current farming and sales situation, the poor households to join the cooperatives in the technical guidance of professionals, the average household has 50 or so of the commodity rat sold, the average can reach only about 4 pounds. According to the current market price of 65 yuan per kilogram sold per household, poor households have Rhizomys income up to 13000 yuan, remove the breeding cost, annual income is expected to reach more than 10000 yuan. Poor households farming alone, 20% of the cost to pay the cost of cooperation in the village of utilities and labor costs, the remaining more than 8000 yuan to all poor households. This concentration of farming greatly reduces labor costs, so that poor households directly benefit.

bandicoot large meat, fur thick soft, has high economic value and medicinal value. Dazhu mountain Rhizomys aquaculture cooperatives responsible to Chu Ping: "1 pounds of Rhizomys costs around 20 dollars, and now the market price to sell 60 to 70 dollars a pound. If you like a seed, only about weighing about a half kilogram rhizomyidae, can now be sold for 180 dollars."

"to provide technical guidance and sales channels of cooperatives, to solve all the problems we encountered in aquaculture farmers may, labor peace, peace to make money, not to the village and government trouble, rely on their own labor out of poverty more glorious!" This year to join the cooperatives in the village of the poor Shu Xianghua said.

entrepreneurship in the current environment has been common, through entrepreneurship to get out of poverty, each region wants to combine their own reality, to develop a reasonable organizational entrepreneurial goals. The cooperatives by providing technical advice and sales channels to the villagers, 8 have already helped the poor to start farming at home. See the benefits brought by local cooperatives, many poor households are also eager to have considered to achieve poverty through breeding rhizomys.

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