Hefei double for creating another wave of SAR

is creating a very good vocabulary in the entire era, because there are a lot of people are active in business, and also the formation of a very large business group, recently established Hefei double zone for the majority of guests who brought hope.

10 19, "national public entrepreneurship peoples innovation week" will be launched in Beijing. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the municipal government held a press conference, the "double" as an important position in Hefei, will be on October 19th at the Anhui International Exhibition Center opened the "national double week" Hefei venues. I hope in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship a trial of the people, can go to the Anhui International Convention and Exhibition Center on the same day to understand the current policy. In addition to Hefei, the country also has Shanghai, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Xi’an, Chengdu, Shenyang and other seven cities set up a venue.

the seven branch field of

in September 23rd this year, the State Council issued "guidance on speeding up construction of" public entrepreneurship peoples innovation support platform, clearly put forward the innovation and public entrepreneurship peoples week set up "from the beginning of this year" (referred to as the "national double week"), held once a year, through policy advocacy, exhibitions, exchange of experience and information publishing, culture, trade, investment and other activities to promote the transformation of achievements, agglomeration and docking, to create a good social atmosphere, a comprehensive management of boom.

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