How to join the cloud taste Pavilion Bridge noodle

in the noodle snack food taste Museum of Cloud Bridge is the bright younger generation a good snack to join the project, but also a lot of low cost investors more optimistic about the franchise brand. So the cloud taste of the bridge across the bridge noodle? How do you want to join? Look at the following small details.

cloud flavor pavilion bridge rice noodle is a development of the original ecological ethnic food for the purpose of the chain, drawing the essence of the bridge across Yunnan rice noodle, fall in Shenzhen. Since 2005, the cloud has been given many taste museum stores, including stores and stores, with a world of their own in the Pearl River Delta! With the Cloud Bridge noodle taste museum is becoming more and more popular, people come to negotiate to join issues has become more and more, so the following tidied the cloud taste museum the rice noodle joining process, I hope you would like to join the investors can look at.

cloud taste how to join the bridge across the bridge?

cloud flavor pavilion bridge rice noodle joining process

would like to join the cloud taste of the bridge across the rice noodle, of course, first of all to understand the next cloud flavor Museum joining process, the specific process is as follows:

1, first of all, the cloud taste of the bridge across the bridge has a certain understanding of the line, and then the official website can be a message or call to consult.

2, cooperation intention communication.

3, fill in the application form.

4, referring to the Cloud Bridge noodle taste museum to join conditions, the company headquarters will send the relevant departments to audit your conditions, whether it is suitable for joining.

5, negotiate contract. Signed a franchise agreement to pay the cost of pre join (pre – tax costs, including the use of trademark fees, such as the cooperation of the deposit, the first to join the old cost of a total of 50% of the cost of joining).

6, shop image decoration design.

7, franchisee to participate in training and the headquarters of the actual operation of the store.

8, opening preparations.

9, officially opened.

10, cloud taste of the headquarters of the bridge to support the subsequent operation of rice vermicelli.


above is the cloud noodle taste Museum bridge to join simple introduces the process, if you join what other aspects of the problem is not very clear, please give us a message on our website to see the message below, we will reply you in the first time.

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