We join the market Unlimited Business Opportunities good down jacket


down jacket? In our life, has always been a very powerful choice. Entrepreneurs choose to join the Tianyu jacket project, an open their own day down clothing stores, you will find that, in fact, shop money is so simple!

is one of the series of Tianyu Bosideng’s brand, is a strong brand and to comply with the market. In April 2012, Changshu Ferrari Garment Co. Ltd. of Shanghai Bosideng International Garment Co. Ltd. in cooperation following the "ice fly" brand, together again "Tianyu" brand, "since the production and operation of Tianyu" by Changshu Ferrari Garment Co. Ltd. featuring operation.

day down jacket to fashion and quality is very sensitive to the target population of modern men and women, the pursuit of relaxed leisure, natural and unrestrained. Bold and vivid collocation and appropriate life performance, the " " simple, comfortable and energy-saving; publicity of fashion and personality, so the family favorite leisure. In 2002 05, Tianyu " " successfully registered trademark; in December 2004, down by Chinese Tianyu environmental product certification mark; in 2005 won the title of brand-name products in Jiangsu; in 2006 won the title of national inspection free products.


jacket is good? In the clothing market, not only has a high popularity, joined the day down jacket project, is still very powerful choice. Quality projects, worry free business, if you are also very exciting. So, join our jacket, hurry!

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