The seventh innovation and entrepreneurship competition held in Suzhou

entrepreneurship and innovation are inseparable, you want to start a business must be able to innovate, but do not know how to innovate for the people, there is a suitable platform for business communication is very important. Entrepreneurship competition held around the country is such a good choice, very popular entrepreneurs welcome.

"you want to do this project in the end is the platform or product? These are two very different directions, and from the perspective of your team, we believe that we are more inclined to the product." The afternoon of October 12th, 2015 in Suzhou City Jinfeng venture cup innovation and entrepreneurship competition and the seventh session of the Suzhou youth (college students) innovation contest, the judges face sharp comment and direct questions, Taiwan entrepreneurs Liu Deyao began to re-examine the project of their own traditional culture spread and sales of Internet platform ".

this is committed to the traditional hand for the inheritance and development team, has been based in Wujiang made a lot of achievements. Despite the experience of the creation of the baptism of the Expo, but also has a mature work, but in the final but still the eyes of the judges are more or less found a certain short board". In this game, such as Liu Deyao young minority entrepreneurs, experienced more than half a year of competition, 16 teams are in Suzhou urban counties in the more than and 450 project leader   to the talent shows itself, specifically for under the age of 35 young entrepreneurs in Jiangsu University or college students in the stage, not the pursuit of entrepreneurs virtuoso, but expect more professional judges its entrepreneurial projects "pulse".

"through the show and the judges comments, we found that there are still many areas for improvement, compared with the bonus, the entrepreneurial innovation and entrepreneurship competition to enlighten us and the future planning of great help." Another contestant Zhang Chen is Taicang business circle "stars", he said, despite their "Internet plus agriculture" project has been running smoothly, but how to form a unique brand, there is a long way to go.

"is our business to various universities in Suzhou, making the network teaching video." Cui Mei introduction, different from the single recommendation

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