Samsung brand marketing secrets to success

said Samsung, believe that people will have a thumbs up, as the strength of the big brands of Electronic Science and technology industry, what is the way to win the Samsung brand, must have their own out of the ordinary marketing skills, Xiaobian now to your secret.

if not 10 years before the accident, a game master Li Xiaofeng may just be at home in Henan, Ruzhou famous in the local area, with most of his childhood friends, parents follow the path planning to find a job is not so busy playing games, leisure, and then married, fuel.

2002, when Li Xiaofeng was telling his family alone in WCG (WCG) Xi’an qualifiers, the course of his life began to change, until the 2005 WCG World Championship took him to fame, the electronic sports circle from more than a new idol – Emperor SKY.

2012 in October 26th, 2012WCG Chinese District finals and the world finals qualifying game, when the host report contestant SKY name, the venue sounded thunderous cheers, together with to join the Olympic champion Feng, popular actor Xinyi Zhang the pop idol and the ratio appears to be cast into the shade.

if not as fans may not understand this frenzy. The main sponsor of WCG Samsung, it hopes to build WCG into the field of E-sports games, those in the eyes of others "deviant" game master who, when they have the opportunity to become a mainstream hobby and national honor together, will undoubtedly stimulate these young people’s adrenaline.

why sponsor WCG

however, compared with the WCG Conference itself in the game fans group frenzy, brand sponsors attitude is somewhat ambiguous, especially the PC industry in recent years, the overall decline in profits under the background of the decline of hardware. In contrast, only Samsung’s attitude has always been a firm, as the main sponsor sponsor for 12 years, every year still invested heavily in the campaign, will the event from 2000 to Chinese participants but hundreds of people to attract tens of thousands of players in the global more than and 60 countries and regions to participate in the gaming event.

"wise" may find it difficult to understand: after the rise of the mobile Internet, mobile phone is the future, "smart people" to play the mobile marketing, why Samsung also spend a lot of money to support the PC game the sunset industry sponsored by WCG


"according to the center for the development of Chinese electronic sports data, in 2010, it has 65 million China E-sports enthusiasts, the figure now recommended

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