Find new solar system of ninth planets Experts said inconclusive

recently, the United States scientists claimed that the discovery of the solar system, the ninth planets, belonging to the gas giant planet. However, there are many astronomers said there is no definitive conclusion can not confirm this hypothesis.

once there are nine major planets that 2006 with Pluto was demoted to a "dwarf planet" after only eight planets.

however, January 20th American scientists announced that there is "sufficient evidence", on the edge of the solar system may be hidden in a distant and huge number nine.


"planet nine" belongs to the gas giant planet

"the planet’s mass is about 10 times the mass of earth and the solar system in the distant place along a strange and very long elliptical orbit," the researchers said in a statement.

Computer simulations show that

, if such a mysterious planets really exist, the distance and the sun orbits about the earth’s orbit and the distance between the sun and the 50 times.

"(in fact, due to the very distant), the planets orbit the sun takes 10 thousand to 20 thousand years," the statement said.

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