How to solve the problem of buffet waste

buffet is very common in many places, and many of the problems encountered in the buffet restaurant is a waste, and waste is usually more serious. Most of the guests do not eat after taking food is wasted in. As our food not only feel heartache, waste kitchen chefs work, is not environmental protection, we can persuade the customer not to waste, but the effect is very small, but also for the "Persuasion" and "degree", it is difficult to handle, we can not let consumers feel a bit uneasy or uncomfortable, but while the control of food waste, after years of practice and experience, summed up some way, you share food.

the following measures have been implemented in 3 cafeteria, proved effective, welcome to discuss:

1, reduced volume cafeteria dishes, dishes and bowls are, are as small as possible, so that the guests need to walk more than a few times to get food, it can make the waste reduction, and can help digestion, for the eyes to eat "part of the guests, the whole table full of food must be satisfied in their eyes let them feel the value back to the point of cost management is the key to the buffet! A buffet restaurant, guests feel that the value is not worth much, you ask the manager will know.

2, the insulation of food containers as far as possible the use of circular insulation furnace, which is a lot of experts will have questions, it is square, rectangular bad?

is not bad, is a square, rectangular insulation furnace, it is easy for the guests to stir the food into a paste, and the heat is distributed faster, easier to dry food, indirect increase waste. The use of circular furnace, although the volume reduction, the workload increased, but the rest of the food will increase the rate of rotation, indirect reduction of waste.

3, this is the most important, I hope you read

in a restaurant at the entrance POP highlight admission guests, the restaurant in response to the concept of environmental protection, check on the table when no food left the guests, thank you for your response to the shop environment, specially for you to prepare the cash coupon, can be used in the next time to shop, or is it the gift, vial of vinegar bottle red wine, the restaurant can be a souvenir.

also asked the waiter to strengthen the inspection, found that when the guests have signs of food waste, smiling warmly to inform the guests, if not the rest of the food, in order to thank our guests, there will be XXX gift and so on. Then the guests pay in gifts, cash coupons, to the waiter "volume slightly larger" "thank the guest to support environmental protection", "we appreciate the spirit of environmental protection" and so on politeness, let guests feel the face, save food is a kind of virtue.

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