Comparison of cosmetic operation between Korea and China

Two years ago,

has set off a burst of "Hallyu" tide has not fallen, many women dress, dress now often where South Korea closer, so is the South Korean cosmetics are better than China sell, we work together to explore.

the current South Korean cosmetics market overall size is 43 billion yuan, this is the statistics last year. Now South Korean cosmetics companies, including production companies have about 700, of which 80% are the sales of the company’s contribution to 300. The current South Korean cosmetics market is full of cosmetics cosmetics monopoly join relatively monopoly to join, because South Korea’s population of about 48 million, South Korea’s market is almost saturated, so now the key lies in the export of Korean enterprises. The beginning of the Korean cosmetics channels is the direct sales of people, and China is not the same. About 20 years ago by the people are people with direct focus, South Korea is legal protection, is the right way of operating mode. Generally speaking, the diversification of the sales market, and rapid diversification.

it seems a good quality cosmetics sales, not just rely on the background of South Korea, but also on their brand strategy.


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