What are the characteristics of Hot pot pot heroes join advantage

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Hot pot pot Hot pot shop which is characteristic of heroes, heroes had many people recommend Hot pot pot features Hot pot shop to others will say.

pan heroes Catering Management Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009, is a leisure agent a restaurant operating mainly in the theme of the Hot pot. Company to 09 years since the founding of the rapid development of the past seven years, is now in Henan province has a total of seven direct agents, a large central kitchen processing base and a logistics center. It has realized the safety, efficiency and convenience of standardized management from procurement source, finished product processing and distribution. The company headquarters from the third people have developed to sixty people, stores all staff of nearly three hundred people, the company set up under the board of directors, management center, financial department, operation Department, 15 departments of administrative department, human resources department, logistics supply department, planning department, engineering department, marketing department, quality inspection department, IT purchasing department. Uphold the integrity of the operating principle Hot pot pot master business, honesty, customer first ", with Si Yuan, hard work, hard work, efficiency, win-win" spirit of enterprise, to be cast into pot warrior people and the respect of his peers Hot pot brand agent.

pot bottom heroes through continuous exploration and improvement, in the selection of herbs from 130 80 kinds of fine herbs and spices, combining modern nutrition, the application of the new cooking technology carefully brewed. Rich in vitamins, protein, zinc, calcium and other nutrients. With appetizers, beauty, food not lit etc.. The restaurant with modern style decoration theme, at an affordable Hot pot new ideas for business philosophy, to provide a leisure, meetings, shopping, etc. a dating fast and comfortable dining places for you; and in a professional, dedicated to provide first-class service details and low price for you. The company is trying to "shaping pan heroes" brand into a national food industry hundred years old, contribute to the development of the catering industry China.

features Hot pot pot heroes to join? What are the advantages?

pan heroes join advantage:

features Hot pot

1. strong brand sharing: "China green food enterprises" and "China mushroom restaurant" "Chinese international edible cooking competition gold medal enterprise" and "Chongqing Yubei restaurant brand". "Chinese restaurant agent" famous brand "Chinese name" China nutrition health Hot pot "restaurant" "Chongqing city agency member of the association of"

2. products of the rich: I have no people! I have excellent people! Our gifted people I am beautiful!! features pot series, Tujia local dishes series, local dish series,

series special snack!

3. innovative business model: Tujia sister’s unique business philosophy, I wish you easy to reduce costs and improve efficiency!

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