Learn to be a good person

opportunistic, deception fraud, it has become a very common thing in the current, and even some people see this as the foundation of business management. In fact, the author here stressed that if you want to do a good job, first of all need to learn to be a man. The small shop business for more than and 10 years, in the village to establish a good reputation, this attention to detail, and mom and dad have a great relationship with honesty.

‘s father is a cautious man. He discharged the cigarette from the left to the right by the price. When he put the cigarette, always placed in a special order, but also to ensure that a box of cigarettes are put in a box, he said that customers will be very convenient to buy cigarettes.

dad wiped out the counter when he was free, he would not let the goods fall ash, but also regularly check the production date on the packaging of goods in order to prevent customers to buy expired food.

he said: "if the customer to eat a bad stomach, we have a big mistake!"

mother is a kind and warm-hearted person. Early in the morning is cool, if there are children to buy ice cream, mom is not going to sell: "no, the morning cold, hot noon time to buy!" If you have too little child, mother will cheat them: "Oh, the ice cream has expired, we have to change the!" Nearby moved to a lot of people living outside the house, they do not have a vegetable garden, the mother can not eat vegetables to them.

that day a 8 year old boy took $100 to buy things, his father asked him where to get the money, until it is confirmed to be sold to his parents. He spent a total of 11.5 yuan, I found him $88.5, it happened that the family did not have the money to find a lot of change. His mother saw him, called him, took out a plastic bag, put the money up, but also hit a knot, told him to go home must give money to parents. This detail touches me.

details can reflect people’s quality and character. Mom and dad treat people sincerely, always for the sake of customers, won the favor of customers, so that the store business is getting better.

now a lot of people are aware of the fierce competition in the business, not very good to do, if you want to make business success, but also need to continue to learn. However, the author believes that I want to learn is not only the "business", but also "life" ah!

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