The integrity of business profit more easily

in order to "profit", many shopkeepers continue to display a variety of means, in order to let consumers pay a little money, but this effect is not significant, often. In fact, the shop is based on the "good faith", people are not sincere friends, the shop is not sincere without passengers; people do not believe that there is no kiss, the shop does not believe no one. No friends, no pro, no guest no one, you also open what shop? What do you do?

in our society has not been developed to the Communist era, no progress to distribution according to need, so we set up shop to profit, how to ensure the integrity of profit two correct, profit on the basis of integrity, in pursuit of profit under the premise of integrity must be. However, the CCTV exposure of 3.15 cigarettes, return the moldy bread reconstruction, tampering with the production time, and integrity can not see the sun clouds draw further apart, after all, a slip to become eternal hate, lose the wife of another soldier, I never do such a silly thing.

ran irren ist menschlich? Although the sea fighting for 26 years, but ten years to learn a scholar, a lifetime not a businessman, also to counterfeit counterfeit and can not digest the inventory of goods for counterfeit counterfeit goods, I will try to find a refund on their delivery business, or dispose of, not to the market, to the inventory of goods to customers in Ming Dynasty speak, or gifts, or a sale, or to the customer. In a word, don’t let anyone, do not do any dishonest thing, have a clear conscience, knock the heart do not panic.

26 years, because a good faith, I shop bustling, the business is red, old customers, new customers in a continuous line, new customers into the old customers, old customers bring new customers, customer Everfount, gold silver cup as the people’s reputation, friends, I believe, as long as the customer is not afraid of no profit, these are derived from the a concept of "integrity"!

good faith, but the profit is king. No one shop not for profit, so for those to store goods choosy, or too demanding, the owner is helpless. But I would like to use a humorous way, you can easily resolve these small embarrassment.

is the selection of goods is an indispensable link in the process of shopping, but in the face of fruits and vegetables and some special commodity, if the customer leaves, select the excessive peeling pick, and sell goods will ultimately affect too horrible to look at, we return, I could not bear it, I will come up with the killer wrist: "family, don’t pick the leaf peeling and you have to let people wear clothes? Even a small skirt or peeling ah, stripped of the valley, that body, appearance fees plus 5 cents a pound more, not too much?"

daughter jokingly smiled: "my mom was amazing, this is called MoGaoYiChe daogaoyizhang!" I pretended to be angry and said: "my God is not allowed to say" magic "ah, let God know that anger our family to drink the Northwest wind!" Let alone

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