Open a copy of the shop good prospects for high profits

a lot of people want to change their own situation, are generally from entrepreneurial start, entrepreneurship is the fastest way to change the status quo, that if the current open typed copy shop high profits? Now many people are not ready to work for others, you want to open a shop, typing a selection, copy shop is also one of the then, about the present open typed copy shop market prospects, Xiaobian introduce analysis


printing is an old business, as early as four typewriters, typing photocopying shop began to appear, there is a period of time once over the high streets and back lanes but with the popularity of computer and printer, print, copy, typing and photocopying shop business gradually declined, greatly reduce the number, many of the original business good typing photocopying shop have to color printing and advertising industry. However, in some special areas, such as government agencies, universities, commercial institutions near, typing photocopying shop still has considerable room for survival.

is typing copy shop already is not a simple typing in the store, the main equipment type copy shop has achieved digitization, investment and saving, the year 40 thousand to ~5 million yuan to purchase the equipment, now as long as 10 thousand ~ 20 thousand yuan can buy, but better. Do you know if you can find a good location, open a typing copy shop, it is a small investment, quick business projects. Open typing copy shop to make money? Let’s look at two examples of entrepreneurship.

through the analysis of the above content, it is not difficult to find, a print shop is actually quite profitable, but the business is not so simple, there are a lot of difficulties, but the digital copier is the use of laser transfer principle, so the digital copier has high resolution, a digital editing, copying, scanning times for paper binding powerful and other advantages, and the digital copier set printing, fax, scanning and copying function, can save the print shop a lot of equipment investment, cost accounting is also more convenient.

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