With the combination of sugar with modern electricity supplier channel sales

Guangxi Dong Xin Cun and imagine people in backward villages, where superior living conditions, both urban and rural convenience, quiet. All this should be attributed to a 85 graduate, he return home after graduation, to explore new business opportunities in the sugar ancient method, the home to create sweet business base.

In the final analysis,

home business;

: the development of special industries

in Dong Xin Village, the first thing is the road on both sides of the paddy fields and rice stalks harvested are still standing, plus the garden green lace embellishment, the village is full of vigour. Not far from the village has an area of about an acre of the plant, this is Dong Xin Cun villagers project — Wu Xiang Fang brown sugar. Before the villagers are stepping up their efforts, in order to meet the demand of ancient brown sugar during the Spring Festival from Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xiamen and other places.

, with a return to his hometown with a Book of ancient law development plan project immediately got brown sugar, the village a few like-minded students’ response. So, in October 2015, Wu Xiang Fang Brown built, and registered the recommended

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