What is the process of opening barbecue store

barbecue shop business is booming, profitable space, the gold industry who want to join. If you want to open a barbecue shop, but not very familiar with the investment process, then you need to learn more, master more business processes, do a good job in each step of investment.

raise capital: because of the limited capacity of the economy, entrepreneurs can open when the barbecue shop invite friends and family or employee shares (net profit according to the amount of shares into).

Dianzhi choice: the choice of location: barbecue franchise shop should be selected in the factories, office buildings, bustling commercial district and school near the working class or student concentrated areas, or stations, terminals, traffic flow of the local population, so as to ensure a sufficient source.

apply for business license: before the barbecue stores set up shop, you must first apply for the relevant license application. The license application is generally divided into two types: one is the license issued by the applicant company, Industrial and Commercial Bureau; the other is a small capital, just for profit-making business registration, business issued by the local county. Most of the stores because the capital is not, as long as the handling of business registration. In addition, but also to the tax authorities for the relevant tax operations, leading to a unified invoice, unless it is allowed to avoid the use of a unified invoice, otherwise, all must be handled.

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