The first entrepreneurial community youth exchange to attract many young people to participate in th

for many young people, entrepreneurship has become a realization of their own value of life on the road, at the same time, there are a lot of young people will have a rich and entrepreneurial ideas around in the promotion of some projects for young entrepreneurs, and regularly organize some activities.

Beijing City, the first

to start the theme of community youth in Dongcheng District Qinglong Hutong No. 35 "and" coffee cafes opening venture. In the future, young people here can not only participate in dating and marriage, sports health, team development and other types of public welfare activities, but also enjoy more professional services.

"coffee" community youth entrepreneurship theme will be carried out every year not less than 48 times, with the theme of entrepreneurship training, both sports and health, training, entertainment, volunteer, Prussian rights and other types of activities, visit the practice.

one has a special significance in the entrepreneurial community, but also conform to the development of the entire business market at the same time, a community in which young people, entrepreneurs can also enjoy many unexpected service.


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